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This book expands on the content of the first first book and course for Property Investment Investors, Property Managers and Realtors
in Ontario, Canada

About This Book


The Dark Side of Residential Landlording is a no-nonsense, in-the-trenches, irreverent, occasionally contemptuous, sometimes funny, decade-long deeply-researched, mostly firsthand  account of the exploitation, perils, pain, trials, tribulations, maltreatment, uncommon risks of, and sometimes deliberate abuses against, residential landlords everywhere. You’ll learn who the culprits are and the remedies and safeguards you can employ to protect yourself against them.  


Who'll Benefit From This Book


This book is an invaluable guide for existing landlords, would-be and first-time investors, realtors unfamiliar with residential investment properties, and aspiring property managers considering a career in managing residential rental investment properties.  


In this ground-breaking exposé you’ll discover …


• Over 250 true tales; some stranger than fiction  

• Suggestions and remedies to many potential risks  

• Over 225 footnotes and citations documenting extensive research to support each case and opinion  

• If you don’t know the law you will almost certainly become a victim of it  

• Things you never knew you should know  

• Paradoxes of rent control and affordable housing    


Table of Contents and Table of Diagrams


Sample Chapters



  The Dark Side of Residential Landlording book table of contents

The Dark Side of Residential Landlording - book cover  

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Realtors can also purchase the book from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Realtor Store

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Toronto, Ontario, M3B 3N1

(416) 443-8122

Landlording in Ontario book cover

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