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Real Experience

No realtor can be all things to all people.

No realtor could possibly know enough to sell an oil refinery, farm, cottage, apartment building, retail plaza, raw land, a life lease, and the myriad other types of properties that each by themselves could take a lifetime to master.

Our nationally distributed print articles, television appearances, guest speaking engagements, and  participation in social programs like the Hoarding Coalition and Landlords Association of Durham speak to our expertise and experience.

We specialize in the following property types throughout Ontario:
Multi-residential investment properties
Commercial investment properties
Retail leasing, development and programming of retail plazas

CLICK HERE to learn more about why you need a highly-specialized real estate brokerage for your property investment requirements  and how not using one could lead to significant issues.

Real Innovation & Technical Services

Few realtors in Canada have the technology background of Aztech's president and broker of record, Chris Seepe, who spent more than 20 years in I.T. before becoming a realtor and real estate investor.

This website and most of the design elements were created in-house (except for the template), as were all the feature sheets, market assessment studies, site selection studies, photography, videos, "expert" articles, and all the other content.

In-house, we have advanced skills and knowledge of web marketing, personalized contact management (we manage a personalize mailing list of about 10,000 landlords, commercial and residential realtors, national tenants, investors, developers, etc.), geospatial technologies, and hands-on expertise of most mainstream office and web software applications. 

Real Results

"I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it" - Marshal McLuhan

The mantra above speaks to the belief in oneself to achieve goals and objectives when you start with nothing but a vision, goal or dream.

Concentration of effort, perseverance, and always working towards a defined aim are essential factors of success. Add in knowledge, innovation, contemporary and relevant technical skills, and contact networking, and you have the ingredients of great potential.

Mix in the the cooperative will of a client and you have formulated a powerful recipe for success and growth.

Discover and enjoy the success when you entrust your real estate investment objectives and projects with Aztech.

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Landlords Association of Durham (Ontario)

L.A.D. is a registered not-for-profit association open to anyone with an interest in commercial and residential real estate in the Region of Durham, Ontario, Canada.